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AVS Services is a new, Greek company which provides to her customers personalized and integrated services for finding technical staff. The dynamic entry of our company in the Greek market, through the provision of a wide range of human resources services, immediately managed to inspire and build mutual relationships of trust with its clients. The headquarters of AVS Services is located in the center of Athens and its branch office is located in Schimatari, Viotia. Our services are extended throughout Attica, the city of Viotia, Evia, Argolida, and now we provide services to the entire Greek territory.


Our expertise, mutual trust, respect, integrity, and transparency are some of the values ​​that govern our culture.

High quality

At AVS Services, we aim at high quality service and building long-lasting relationships of mutual trust with our clients.

Our Goals

Why choose AVS Services

With the many years of experience of our executives and our ambition to achieve our business goals, we offer solutions aimed at optimizing the operations of each company. We provide reliable and experienced staff on a daily basis, depending on the specialty required. In an ever-evolving and changing environment, our values, our strategic planning and our vision for complete satisfaction, both of our customers and of our own people, are the key pillar for building a successful and sustainable business environment. .

Quality & Reliability

By providing high quality services, consistency, and focusing on the different needs of each customer, we strive every day to highlight the reliability of our company.

The Principles of Trust

Through our full compliance with the applicable legislation, such as the National and consequently the European legislation on personal data (Laws 4624/19, 679/16), we have managed to gain the trust of our customers.

Satisfaction of our customers

Our primary goal is the fast and efficient service of our customers.


Emphasizing our people, we offer personalized and integrated solutions that are tailored to the different needs of our customers. With the modern organization methods we use, we aim to reduce operating costs, increase productivity and achieve a sustainable competitive result. Through the large base of Human Resources that we have, we have the ability to meet your needs for as long as required, and in the schedule that you set. Aiming at an excellent cooperation, we operate with full transparency, informing our customers daily about all changes in insurance and labor legislation, and incorporating all amendments to the Legislation.


At AVS Services, we are confident that our people can be the main source of business growth. Always taking into account your different requirements and needs, our ultimate goal is to become your best partner in staff selection & outsourcing services, while building long-term relationships of mutual trust, based on ethical integrity and a philosophy of mutual benefit.

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